Imagine being wrapped in a world of rolling paper dunes and towering paper mountains, where all that can be seen are words lined on infinite pages. A world of words. Locked away between the cover of an antique book, sitting on a dusty shelf. Then by chance a little girl happens upon this book. With her curiosity piqued she takes it from the shelf and begins reading, and changes the world forever.

This is the story of Journeys, the story of moving from a world of only reading but never seeing, to a cosmic connection, a transfer of consciousness born as she reads the book which our character calls home.

How do we know when we begin to see anew. Small worlds grow through amplified eyes. Dreams and memories become the full blush of sunsets and unimaginable landscapes that stretch to the ends of the earth. The more she reads the more the world changes. Words become worlds. Sentences shake off their containers and burst into the very things they once merely described. Landscapes once only read about come to life, spanning the heavens. Bridges once intangible, built of consonant and vowel suddenly echo and ring underfoot. 

In Journeys the literary becomes the literal. 

As an artist this is what I love to do; create worlds, places that imagination can be free to roam and explore as it did when we were children. As adults we sometimes lose our sense of wonder and imagination. I believe that with a little inspiration we can uncover it. This is what I set out for Journeys to be.


- Jason Poturica